Riding Scooters In The House (And Other Parenting Mishaps)

I have gotten many comments about how people are appreciative of the fact that I am open and honest in my blog. You all seem to like it that I don’t sugar-coat the real happenings in our home. So in that spirit, I will now share with you some excerpts from my week….

~I yelled at my children. More than once. More than twice.

~I slapped Levi’s hand. I know this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I am really not supposed to EVER hit/spank/slap my kids because of the feelings and memories it can dredge up. I have done very well obeying this rule until this week. And then, when we were in the middle of WinCo, I had 5 other children dancing around me and begging asking for things, and Levi touched something for the 10th time after being told not to….I slapped his hand.

~I fed my kids frozen pizza. (Although I did serve it with a side of broccoli so this might only be half-bad.)

~I hid in the pantry. Yep. I heard a storm brewing in the front room, I heard the crying start, and I heard a little voice coming down the hallway calling, “Moooooommy!” And so I hid in the pantry. Until that little voice had to change their tune to, “Daaaaaaady!” and he came out to take care of business. Then I came out of the pantry.

~I cried during a meeting with our home school coordinator. Poor lady! She asked me if this was a regular occurence or if she had done something special to cause my reaction. I assured her that yes, I actually cry very frequently these days.

~I washed only my children’s feet and called it a bath.

~I picked up the grapes that I spilled all over the kitchen floor and I served them to my children for lunch. Without washing them.

~I had a doctor’s appointment and left all 6 kiddos home with Scott. I sat in the doctor’s waiting room for an extra 15 minutes just reading a magazine. And it felt like a vacation.

~I sprayed down my stinky gym clothes with perfume and re-wore them. (Okay, this actually happened even before I had 6 children.)

~I did that “I-can’t-see-you-but-I-sure-can-reach-you-while-I-am-driving” backwards-slap on Hannah’s leg during a particularly loud crying tantrum.

~I had to assure my children that I was NOT pregnant after Levi grabbed my stomach and asked, “Baby in here, Mommy?”

~I let my children ride scooters in the house. And roller skate. Here is proof….

But, you know something? For every moment that made it onto my “bad” list, there was a moment that filled my heart with joy.

~I had a sleepover with my girls. We did hair. We told stories. We giggled. I loved every minute of it.

~Levi crawled up into my lap, lay his head on my shoulder, and snuggled with me for 3 whole minutes!

~Micah told me, “I love you, Mom.”, without me initiating it or prompting him.

~Hannah told me as I served the frozen pizza and broccoli, and as I was commenting about our stinky dinner, “I love this, Mom! I love everything you make!”

~Scott tripped and fell, landing hard on his back. Joel gathered all the kids around and had them pray together for healing.

~I made a dinner that did not prompt even one little complaint. Everyone ate it and enjoyed it. Indian food – who knew?

~Driving home one evening, my children filled the car with the sound of beautiful little voices praising our God.

I feel like I can now say that MORE than 50% of this journey is filled with joy, and LESS than 50% is filled with stress. It depends on the day, and it is still a very close contest. But I do believe that joy is winning at least 51% of the time.

“This is the day that the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it!”




7 thoughts on “Riding Scooters In The House (And Other Parenting Mishaps)

  1. summer

    your honesty is ALWAYS refreshing & always a good laugh. had a rough night in the waiting. checked out you blog. giggled a little and feeling healed. thanks for sharing your life with all of us.

  2. Bedstafar

    Bestafar saids, “Nat, just remember….this too shall pass.”
    Love & prayers,
    PS The kids aren’t gonna ride scooters in OUR house!!!

  3. Nicole Huber

    Oh my goodness I literally laughed out loud when you said you hid in the pantry! I love it! Who doesn’t do that at least once?!?!? Real mom problems, stress being covered by love! God’s love, your beautiful childrens’ love, love for you, love for each other and love for God! I think you are human, how awesome is that! Love ya Natalie!

  4. Debbie Jackman

    Natalie, I love that God is using you in such incredible ways even in your humanity. That gives me hope. I’m encouraged by your authenticity..

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