I live in Northern California with my husband and six children. Those six children are the reason I can occasionally be found hiding in my closet. I love them to pieces, but glory be do they ever talk a lot of words. When my ears get tired, I retreat to my closet to spend time with you.

I am really good at a few things.
Laundry. I excel at laundry. I have a schedule for the washing and the drying and the putting awaying. There are always enough clean underwear in my house. I am inordinately proud of this skill.
Loving. I love big. I love hard. I think this redeems a lot of the mistakes I make along the way.
Laughter. There is a lot to laugh about in our house. Laughter is one of the greatest balms for the soul. It has helped to heal a lot of pain in our family.

I am okayish at a few things.
Momming. My kids love me and I love them. They always have clean underwear. I try to make myself available for whatever is most important to them. Everything else is a toss up.
Adulting. Most of the time I nail this one. But I have sporadic moments of snarky comments, petty jealousy, and forgotten dentist appointments. These moments usually occur on the days I don’t get enough of either my coffee or my Jesus.

I am terrible at a few things.
Patience. My kids are helping me to learn this particular quality.
Crafting. My friends are trying to teach me with this one. I may be a lost cause.
Self-control. Specifically as it relates to ice cream, cute shoes, and my temper. Jesus is helping me with this. He has a lot of work to do.

I hope this can be a safe place for us to share our dreams and embrace our gloriously messy lives. I am so happy you are here.

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