Today we had the pleasure of visiting Kechene Care Point. Scott and I sponsor a child through Children’s Hopechest and today we got to meet our sponsor child Yerusalem!

Kechene Care Point is a school for the impoverished children of Addis. It is located in a small, hard working community of muddy roads and drafty shacks and people struggling to get by. Every child who is sponsored gets the privilege not only of schooling, but of a school uniform and a hot meal every day.

We contacted the school and asked about coming to visit. We were worried that we might not get to meet any of the children because it is summer vacation here. We were told to come on down because even though it is technically summer break, the children keep showing up every day for songs and games and a hot meal.

The school is a one-room building with desks crammed into every available space. And into those desks the children sat 3 or 4 to a seat. They had heard that Americans were coming to visit today so they showed up to have a look at us.


Yerusalem was very shy as she was called forward to be the center of attention. All the other children waited patiently while we took some pictures with our girl.




 And then – what a blessing! We were surprised by an impromptu concert. They sang and danced and clapped through 3 songs.



Before leaving we handed out little gifts to the children – glow sticks, plastic animals, sticker books and the like.


And then we asked our gracious host if there was anything else we could do. He respectfully asked for fruit.


He said the children had hot tea and a hot lunch to look forward to, but fruit was a luxury here. Would we consider buying some fruit so every child could have just one piece with their lunch?

What a blessed life we live! And most of the time, we are not even thankful for it. How many of you have not been able to afford just one piece of fruit for your child? How many of you have spent over $70 filling up your gas tank? How many of you have more than one pair of jeans in your closet? How many of you have considered sponsoring a child who cannot afford to eat without your help?

I do not want to be pushy.

Or maybe I do.

After being here, after walking down the muddy paths, seeing the tin shacks of my neighbors, looking into the eyes of the hungry and hopeless mothers who beg along the streets, seeing the children’s smiles as we handed out bananas and oranges and pineapples, maybe I do want to be just a little bit pushy.

Would you consider helping?

Here is a link to Children’s Hopechest, the agency we choose to work with and send our sponsor money to.

There are many such agencies out there. Look around. Do some research. And ask yourself if you can spare just one of your “luxuries” so a child in Ethiopia can have the luxury of a piece of fruit.