My Son Joel

This past Monday we celebrated my son’s 11th birthday. This past month I have been more thankful for this boy than ever before.

I have always known what a good heart Joel has. He has been easy to parent! He truly desires to do what is right. His heart is very tender towards the things of the Lord. He is affectionate – never afraid to hug me or tell me he loves me. I don’t want to pretend that he is perfect, we are ALL sinners, but I honestly enjoy being this boy’s mother.

This month I have seen how God has specially prepared Joel for his role as big brother to all of these kids. Not once has he complained about not getting enough of my time. Not once has he expressed any desire to un-do this crazy change to our family. He has a love for every one of his new siblings. In fact, one of the biggest problems I have is his tendency to “over-love” the poor kids. I do have to say many times throughout the day, “Joel, just give them some space!”

Here is an example of his heart….

The other evening we were hanging out and Joel was swinging the jump rope around him absentmindedly while we visited. Little Levi happened to walk into the room at just the wrong time and got a little whipping on his cheek by the end of that jump rope. Levi cried but got over the pain in a few minutes. Joel was heartbroken. He apologized over and over to Levi and then he sat on the couch with tears running down his cheeks. He felt so bad! I tried to explain that we all accidentally hurt others at some time in our lives. I told him the story about a friend of ours who went down the slide with his son and landed on the boy’s leg, breaking it! Joel’s response was, “Yah, but Mom, that little boy wasn’t a newly adopted kid who doesn’t even speak the same language and already might worry about if I really love him.”

What a heart my son has! I think he gets it from his Dad.

Seeing my son in a new light is just one of the blessings of this journey. I am thankful that he is mine!

Our cook came to work Monday morning with a present for Joel. A traditional Ethiopian outfit.


Joel's birthday dinner


The boys


An Ethiopian tradition on birthdays - the other kids wipe frosting on the birthday boy's face!



My 11-year-old

*Thank you God for blessing me with every one of my kids!
*Pray for our Embassy process to be quick!
*Pray for my daughters. Sister issues and tears are an everyday occurrence.

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  1. Nana & Bedstafar

    Joel, our firstborn grandson, what a joy to be his grandparents. We continually keep you in our prayers Joel Boy!!
    Love you dearly

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