The Same Kind Of Different As Me

I recently finished reading the book The Same Kind of Different As Me. It is a story about the unlikely friendship between a white millionaire and a black homeless man. And how God uses that friendship to change both of their lives. And in the end, they both realize that they have more in common than they first thought.

As I read this book I kept thinking about what a wonderful thing it is to be a part of God’s family. How diverse and widespread we are! How creative is our God in making us all so unique! But do you know that our similarities are so much greater than our differences? We are all sinners. We are all saved by grace. We are all children of the one true God. And we are all family.

This week we had the privilege of sharing the Guest House with a mission team. These young people are traveling around Africa, spending one or two weeks in every country, spreading God’s love. Their goal is to support the local missionaries in any way possible. They have been spending their days here fixing electrical problems, painting murals in the bedrooms of Bring Love In, climbing into water tanks to repair leaky parts, moving furniture, and basically serving in any capacity they are needed.

Tonight was their last night at the guest house. We shared a wonderful meal together.

And then they shared a special worship time with us. As I looked around the room I realized that there were 6 different languages and 4 different countries represented in our small gathering. We were diverse in age, gender and color. But we were similar in that we love the same God. They are all the same kind of different as me.


How thankful I am to be a daughter of the King! How thankful I am to be a part of His diverse family.



3 thoughts on “The Same Kind Of Different As Me

  1. Liesje

    Thank you for sharing your blessings and insistence with us. I will keep it close to my heart today.

  2. Nana & Bedstafar

    Andy saids, ‘The Lord has His people all over the world, different colors, different languages and different denominations.’
    Andy connected with his high school girlfriend after 51 years, he forgot the corsiage for the prom, he just sent it today. Never too late!!

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