Our Court Date!!!!!

Today at 2:00 was the date and time that everyone had been praying for. Scott and I were going to meet with the judge and our in-country director about our case. We had gotten an email this morning that the needed document had not arrived. So we knew going in to our meeting that the judge could either make us keep waiting for this document, or proceed without it. We left our kids with Levi and Jessie and headed into town. It was like a date! Our first time out in 3 weeks with no kiddos!

We were so anxious to get to the courthouse, and so worried about getting stuck in traffic, that we actually arrived almost an hour early!

So we went down the block and had a cup of “Ethiopian Starbucks” coffee.

And Scott got his shoes shined.

And we prayed! And we felt bathed in prayer from all of you back home. Once again we settled into the waiting room. Once again we waited for our names to be called. Our meeting took less than 20 minutes. The outcome was this…

We will proceed without the needed document. However, there are a couple of things that need to happen. First, the judge wants to interview the birthmother. She scheduled this interview for next Tuesday. The birthmother lives about a 10 hour drive from here. And that 10 hours is not freeway driving! It is often on rutted, muddy roads. So our agency is going to fly her to Addis for this interview. Secondly, the judge wants us to continue pursuing this needed document. So, our in-country director is going to fly to the local courts on Monday or Tuesday to try to obtain this document. And she invited us to come along.

This local court is located in Harar, the town where our children were born and lived the first years of their lives. One of our goals when we came to Ethiopia was to visit that area. This seems like it might the perfect opportunity to visit Harar and see where our children lived. We will be looking into travel options in the coming days.

This morning while I was spending time with God I read the same verse that I had posted earlier this week.

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up, do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and springs in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43:19

But this time when I read it, I felt it as a promise to my soul. A promise from God. It was as if He was saying, “My child, I AM in control here. I AM doing a new thing. I AM making a way in the desert. Leave this all in my capable hands and trust me.”

Isn’t it amazing how the word of God is a living thing? We can read the same passage over and over again, and each time God can use it to speak to us in different ways. To teach us. To give us hope. To discipline us. To love us.

So we have our court date!!!!! Next Friday, June 15 at 2:00pm. (That is Friday at 4:00am for all of you in California). This is what we have been praying and waiting on for 16 weeks! A huge milestone! Hallelujah and thank you Jesus!

But keep praying! There are still things that need to fall into place to have the outcome of our court date be a Putnam Family of 7. And there are many more things that need to happen to eventually become a Putnam Family of 8. But for now, we are just praising the Lord for the work that He did today. And I am continually praising Him for the opportunity to love on these children…..




*Thank you Jesus for our court date!

*So thankful that Joel felt healthy ALL day today!

*That the birthmother will be able to make it for her interview

*That we can get that stinking document!

6 thoughts on “Our Court Date!!!!!

  1. Wendy Z

    This is wonderful news! Though I’ve never met you or your husband (I am joining his Rotary and that’s how I heard about your story and started following your blog), my family and I are inspired by you and pray for you. This morning, my five year old son said, “Mom, we should adopt 2 brothers and 2 sisters.” When I asked him why, he replied, “We need to live. That means to help other people and if there are kids out there that are lost, we need to adopt them.” Thank you for inspiring us, and more importantly for teaching my son what it means to “live”.

  2. Susan Moerer

    So glad things went well today. Thank you again for taking the goodies and getting them to my brother-in-law and family. They enjoyed their visit with you. Love you and praying for you. Susan

  3. Nana & Bedstafar

    ‘TRUST in the Lord with ALL thy heart and do not lean on your own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge HIM and HE shall direct thy paths.’

    Surely….streams in the desert.

    Thank you Jesus for making us in your image.
    We love you & keep you in our prayers.
    We will also pray for the birthmother and your meeting.

  4. Sarah

    Hey friend! Thank you for Sharing this journey with all of us. We’re thanking the Lord for so many answered prayers! Continually praying for each of you and all of the needs around you. Can’t wait to meet your new kiddos! Love you <3

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