Stomach Troubles

We had a rough couple of days here in Ethiopia. My poor Joel was so sick! We expected to go through a period of tummy troubles as our digestive systems got used to the food and water here. And boy, did we ever! As we left the Transition Home after meeting our kids on Monday, Joel was throwing up. He got worse and worse as the day went on. My poor boy was sick every 5 to 10 minutes for several hours! He was down sick for two days but is doing much better now. What made it even more interesting was the fact that we had no water for two days! No flushing toilets. No washing hands. No showering. It was kind of funny, actually!

This morning we all woke up feeling much better. And…this evening we got water! So now we have all showered and it smells much sweeter around here.

I went with our cook to do the grocery shopping this morning. I so enjoyed the experience! She went to three different stores to get what we needed. And as we walked from one store to the other, I snapped a quick picture of this…

Yep. Just walking down the sidewalk next to us. Donkeys are everywhere here. Most of them are busy carting something around. They are on the sidewalks among the people. They are in the roadways among the cars. They are everywhere! We have several living in our neighborhood and we can hear them braying loudly at odd hours of the day.

After grocery shopping, we went over to spend a few hours with our kids. What sweet joy it is to be all together as a family. I am so proud of how Joel and Hannah have been throughout this process. They are so warm and loving to their new sister and brothers. Joel especially gives each of them several impromptu hugs throughout our visits. I hear him saying “whud a shahlo” and “whud a hahlo” to them frequently. Hannah has been inseperable from her sister. On Monday, Hannah took off the necklace she was wearing and gave it to Abigail. Today, it was her bracelet. She took it off her arm and fastened it around Abigail’s wrist.

We had a family water gun fight today. I brought over those miniature water guns – you know the ones that are smaller than the palm of your hand? We filled them up and had a Putnam Family Water War. Chasing eachother and laughing. Then I organized all the kids together to gang up on Daddy. What fun memories!

I am so impressed with the amount of English my kids have learned. They know their colors, letters and numbers. They know many animal names and body parts. I videotaped them today as I asked them to point to their eyes, nose, mouth, etc. They are smarties! Our adoption agency, AWAA, does a great job with the schooling of these kids. The Transition Homes have a schedule and the kids all go to classes every day to learn more English. Here is a picture of Micah and Abigail’s desk.

Quite the difference from my other children’s school, isn’t it?

One last picture to share with you today. My family. Love them.




*Our continued health

*That we would hear SOMETHING before the end of the week about our court case

*Bonding for our family

7 thoughts on “Stomach Troubles

  1. Liesje

    Oh my! What Joy! I love the stories of your family time together. More tears, more prayers, including thanks for Joel’s stomach feeling better. Gym workouts are not quite the same with out you, but the exchange for the tales of joy for your expanding family more than makes up for it. May God hear all our prayers and deliver a court date soon. I know you are all in his hands.

  2. Christy

    I love hearing stories of your beautiful family. I love hearing about your experiences in Ethiopia. I love hearing how Joel & Hannah are so excited about their new siblings. I *don’t* love that you have been fighting stomach bugs, but I *do* love that you find it “funny” that there was no water to wash or flush with for 2 days in the midst of being sick.
    Sitting here thinking about you all, I can hear all the sounds of Addis. I hear the Orthodox church screaming from the loudspeakers. I hear the Muslim mosques screaming from the loudspeakers. I hear the donkeys braying, the taxi drivers yelling, the horns beeping. Gosh, I miss Ethiopia. I remember when I came home after being there for 2 years, it was so strange that there weren’t any donkeys or people on the streets. The sidewalks were empty. Things were quiet. I cried driving in my car because it felt so lonely. I had gotten used to having no personal space. Back home, I suddenly realized that I was driving in a car all alone, and saw nobody on the streets. It was so lonely and depressing. Anyway, I’m so glad you’re there and get to experience life in Ethiopia. You really get to connect with the culture your kids are from… you will never be the same! 🙂 …

    1. barbara harrison

      So glad Joel is better and things are going so well. That is such encouragement. Hopefully this is a sign of everything speeding up. Love hearing your stories of your progress.

  3. Barb McDonald

    Beautiful family picture! Many more to come when you get home with your beautiful family. Praying for health for you all!
    Barb. ( Connie Echols mom)

  4. Nana & Bedstafar

    Plase email copy of the group picture. We rejoice with you and thank the Lord for His continued healing. Jehovah Rapha

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