So I mentioned in another post about my husband’s best friend Peter. Here he is…

Peter is a funny guy! He is outgoing, the life of the party, compassionate and he has this great head of hair! Peter and Scott spent time hiking and camping and fishing and praying. They prayed together for God to reveal His heart. They prayed for God to make them more like Him. And partly because of those prayers, God placed this crazy idea of adoption on our hearts. Peter was such a huge encouragement to us during those early days when we were filling out paperwork, meeting with social workers, having our lives scrutinized and having our background checked!!

Well, in May of 2011, only months after we started this journey, Peter was diagnosed with cancer. He was a 35-year-old healthy guy. He had a nagging cough for several months and by the time the doctors figured out what it was, he had tumors throughout his body. Tumors in his lungs, his spine, his brain.

I could dedicate pages and pages to Peter’s story….but let me just say this. It all boils down to a story focused on God’s grace and provision even in the toughest of times. Peter loved to say, “This is all for my good and for His glory!” And it was. Peter’s story touched so many people. People who might not have otherwise taken the time out of their busy lives to think about what is really important. People who paused for a moment to wonder how this guy, whose body was ravaged by cancer, could still have a spirit filled with joy.

Here is a video taken in July….only 2 months after Peter was diagnosed.

On August 21, 2011, Peter met Jesus face to face. We are so thankful that he got to participate in setting the foundation for our adoption journey. We are so thankful that he was our friend. One day we will celebrate our eternal adoption into our FOREVER FAMILY and we will see Peter’s smiling face again.



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  1. Jane

    Thank you so much for this blog. I just spent some time reading through your adoption story. My husband and I are friends of the Crawfords. Your story is beautiful and full of glimpses of God’s love for us. I will be praying for the process of bringing these children home!

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