Nothing Is Wasted

We spent an hour tonight at the final choir rehearsal before Easter Sunday. Four of my little ones are singing in the children’s choir. And Leah – she auditioned for and was awarded a solo.

As I sat in the mostly empty gymnasium, watching the shuffling feet of the children, listening to the microphone checks and the false starts of the music, I heard the choir director give an instruction to the children that ended with the phrase, “just like last year!”

And Naomi replied, “But last year, I was not here!”

But this year, dear one, you are.

When I think about the message of Easter; the fact that Jesus is so powerful and so mighty that He can conquer even death, that our eternal life grows out of something as ugly as torture and murder; it reminds me that with God, nothing is wasted. God redeems ALL of the sinful, ugly, broken parts of our world. He catches every tear. He gives beauty for ashes.

This is His promise to every one of us. It is His promise to my children.

The lyrics are just so beautiful, aren’t they?

The hurt that broke your heart and left you trembling in the dark

Feeling lost and alone

Will tell you hope’s a lie, but what if every tear you cry

Will seed the ground where joy will grow.

It’s from the deepest wounds that beauty finds a place to bloom

And you will see before the end

That every broken piece is gathered in the heart of Jesus

And what’s lost, will be found again.

Nothing is wasted – in the hands of our Redeemer, nothing is wasted!

As I watch my children sing on Sunday morning, I know I will cry. I have cried watching them practice. I have cried driving down the road listening to them sing in the back of my minivan.

Little voices, raised in praise, singing….

Jesus is our friend. He loves everyone. Jesus is alive! He died for you and me, but on day 3 – Jesus rose again! Jesus is alive!

I have the honor of watching these beautiful lives be transformed by the God who redeems.

Thank you, God, for the gift of your son. Thank you, God, for the gift of my children.






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