Dancing For Those Who Can’t Dance For Themselves

It is always a fine line to walk, the balance between sharing our journey and not over-sharing our children’s story. We can’t undo words that have been spoken. We can’t snatch back their history and keep it private after we have divulged it. We can’t keep their memories sacred if we have shared them with the world.

However, I think it is fairly obvious that our children have a painful past. There was more than just poverty at work in the disintegration of their family. And, in Ethiopia, there are no social services or non-profit agencies to step in and help.

In America, we are blessed to have access to many things – clean water, medical care, education, and yes – intervention services to help the hurting family.

Shasta Women’s Refuge and Family Justice Center are just these kinds of services. They provide support to victims of domestic abuse; helping them to survive, empowering them to thrive.

Yes, the mission of Shasta Women’s Refuge hits close to home. Yes, this is something I believe in. Yes, our children could have benefited greatly from just such an agency if it were to exist in Ethiopia.

And so, when offered the opportunity to help raise funds to support Shasta Women’s Refuge, I said yes.

And it didn’t hurt that the opportunity was coupled with one of my favorite activities – dancing!

I am excited to announce that I will be a contestant on Dancing With The Stars Shasta County Style! The purpose of this event is to raise funds to support Shasta Women’s Refuge and Family Justice Center. I will be spending the next several months fundraising and practicing, practicing, practicing. And on June 22nd, we will be performing at the Cascade Theatre along with the rest of the cast.

My dance partner, Nathan Myers, and I

My dance partner, Nathan Myers, and I

Would you be willing to join me in this endeavor? You can click on the PayPal Donate link at the bottom of this blog entry or go to www.shastawomensrefuge.org and donate under my name. All money donated will go directly to Shasta Women’s Refuge, every dollar is tax deductable, and every dollar donated is a vote for me! There are around 1,000 regular readers of this blog. If each person gave just $10, we could raise $10,000 for this vital non-profit agency.

Also, I need a cheering section. A very loud cheering section. The other contestants are well-known in our community. They are on boards, and chairs of events, and have much experience in this kind of public arena. And then there is me – a mother of 6 with a blog. I am serious when I say that I get very nervous when I think about this adventure. Yes, I am excited and honored that I have been asked to participate. But, I also feel in over my head. I want as many of my friends as possible to come to the show. And I want you to yell louder than anyone else in that theatre. My husband and children will be in the audience, I would love for my friends to be there, too. Tickets are not on sale yet, but they will be soon! I will post more information on ticket sales as the show draws closer.

Here is a little preview of what we have in store for you…..

Working on our Waltz

Working on our Waltz


Not really sure what this is, but it will be in our Salsa!

Not really sure what this is, but it will be in our Salsa!

Who knows what else we will come up with? My dance partner has all kinds of crazy faith in me. Here is an exerpt from our first rehearsal….

Me : “I am not flexible. I can’t lift my leg over my head like that.”

Nathan : “Don’t worry. I will lift your leg over your head for you.”

Me : “Let me re-phrase. My leg does not lift over my head.”

Nathan : “Then you have some homework…practice your high kicks. 5 kicks every day.”

Seriously, friends, you don’t want to miss this show!

And, please, if you have an extra $10, would you consider clicking on the PayPal Donate link below and donate? Do it right now! How much cash is in your wallet? How many lattes did you buy this week? Do you have $10 that you might be able to give? Or maybe more? THANK YOU!!!





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    Vote from me 🙂 Happy to donate to an organization that has personally helped me…Good Luck and I plan to be there!

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