Clean Toilets Are Over-Rated

My husband goes back to work soon. As I have thought about this upcoming change (with much trepidation), I have compiled a list of some of my husband’s strengths and weaknesses.

What he does not do….




*his hair

What he does do….

*love unselfishly


*keep me somewhat sane

*make toast

After comparing these lists I realized that his strengths far outweigh his weaknesses and….I AM GOING TO MISS HAVING HIM HOME!

Even though our days are so busy that we haven’t completed a full conversation in at least 23 days,

and even though we get stressed and find it easy to release that stress by snapping at each other,

and even though our current idea of a date is sitting in a dark movie theatre on either end of a row of 6 children (this really happened and I really texted him during the movie to thank him for taking me out),

and even though while I was writing this very blog I asked him to leave the room because he was bothering me (ironic but true),

I am going to miss his calming, good-natured, easy-going presence around the house.

I have had full access to his time for the last 3 1/2 months. This was a huge blessing for our family and I do not take it lightly. There are not many jobs that would allow a 3 month hiatus. There are not many companies with such supportive and loving employees. Everyone at Apex has given our family a gift by allowing my husband time away for this journey. And thankfully, when he heads back to the office he will only be working part-time for a while. Not only will this allow him more time to bond with our new children, it will also give him the opportunity to learn how to clean toilets and scrub floors – a life-long dream of his!

I still have him home for a few more days so we are enjoying the last of our summer. We introduced our newest additions to the delicious mess of s’mores. I had to demonstrate exactly what the big white gooey things were, but after one bite, they were convinced that we should eat these every day!




Thank you for your continued prayers for our family. I see little improvements every day. I feel God’s supporting hand every minute.