Honeymoon Phase

If I could have special ordered the most perfect 37-hour journey home I could have imagined, this would have been it. But then again, maybe we did special order it. All of your prayers bathed our journey with God’s provision. We had no missed connections, no delayed flights, no lost luggage and most importantly, no meltdowns or temper tantrums. The children did wonderfully! It was so special to watch them experience so many things for the first time.

Seatbelts….after buckling everyone into their seats and demonstrating how to use the seatbelts, there was a constant clicking of children unbuckling and re-fastening those amazing contraptions.

In-flight personal touch-screen televisions….everybody’s fingers got a workout as they jabbed continually at various parts of the screen in the hopes that something magical would appear.

Escalators….this was hysterical! In Germany during our 5 hour layover, we explored escalators, elevators and moving sidewalks. Naomi cracked me up as she rode the entire length of the escalator hunched over into a ski-like position.

Automatic faucets and toilets….Leah excitedly called me into her bathroom stall to demonstrate how the toilet flushed every time she stood up. And then we spent 20 minutes playing in the sinks, waving our hands under the automatic faucet, and giggling as the water splashed little fingers.

Jello….Micah enjoyed playing with it much more than eating it after he discovered that jello “jumps” when you throw it towards your plate.

We arrived home at 2:00 in the morning but forgot our exhaustion as everyone explored their new surroundings. Bedrooms had to be thoroughly inspected, new toys opened, and a middle of the night family swim party was instigated by my husband. By 4:00, all children were tucked into bed and got a solid 5 hours of sleep. We have spent the last few days re-setting our body clocks, catching up on missed sleep, and enjoying the “honeymoon phase” of our time at home. I can’t even be responsible and unpack our luggage because it is all being treated for bugs! So instead…we play!

We have been in and out of the pool all day, every day. For 4 children who have never been swimming before, my kids are sure little fish! They jump in from the edge, put their faces in the water, and “swim” across the shallow end over and over again.



We have also introduced the kids to bike rides. They have watched movies at the orphanage and so have seen bicycles in action. They hopped on their seats and then sat there, waiting for the bicycle to start moving. Levi said over and over again, “Bike no go. Bike broken. No batteries.” After we explained that they had to use their own legs and muscles to make the things move, everyone had a grand time riding in circles around us. All using training wheels, of course.




Our first few days home have been filled with joy. We know that this honeymoon phase won’t last forever, so we are enjoying every minute of it now! We are so thankful to be entrusted with these little souls. We have had the privilege of introducing them to so many things – ice cream, escalators, swimming pools, bicycles and most importantly….Jesus Christ. This Sunday will be our first time attending our home church as a family of 8. Maybe we will see you there!



9 thoughts on “Honeymoon Phase

  1. Denise Van Zile

    Praising God for all of you! Thank you, Natalie, for this inspiring, honest blog, and for the privilege of being able to partner with your family in prayer! Looking forward to meeting you in person some day! 🙂
    ‘Aunt Denise’

  2. Nana & Bedstafar

    What manner of love is this!!! Thank you Lord for hearing and answering our prayers to honor you in this life and promising us the Blessed Hope of the eternal life with YOU!!

  3. barbara harrison

    Thanks for the update and sharing of your first hours and days at home thru pictures. Loved them. So glad this time in everyone’s life has arrived.

  4. Lisa M

    Dear Putnams,
    I just got the news of your 4 new blessings, and wanted to give my congrats on the fufillment of a God sized dream! Although I have not had time to read your entire blog today, it has been a blessing to see how you have stepped out in faith. The way that God provided financially is such a wonderful testimony! I can see that he has seen you through this entire process.

    Our family will be praying for you as you make the adjustment to being a family of 8.

    Many blessings,
    Lisa M and family

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