Give Me Grace

I am going to be completely honest.

Sometimes I look at my 6 children and I think, “What am I doing?”

I mean, there is no doubt that my life was easier before. I used to take my two children and drop them off at a private school. I would go to the gym to a job I loved. I would go to Costco and WinCo and doctor’s appointments by myself. Sometimes I would meet my friends for lunch. I would go to coffee. I had a (fairly) clean house. My children were (fairly) well-behaved.

And now?

I will be homeschooling all 6 of my children. Enough said.

There goes all my “alone” time. There goes my sanity.

Sometimes, especially at the end of the day when I am trying to get all 6 children showered and brushed and tucked into bed, I lose my patience. I feel like snapping. And I wonder, why did God give this job to someone like me? We’ve all seen that mom who is calm, cool and collected. She doesn’t raise her voice. She doesn’t get impatient. She seems to know exactly how to discipline in every situation.

I am not that mom! Maybe God should have chosen her instead of me.

But I know that He didn’t. I know that He called ME to this task. It is so obvious when I look back at our journey that we are exactly where God wants us to be. He has provided everything we needed at every step of the way. And I know that He will continue to do so.

So if you see me around town, and maybe my hair is kind of frizzy and I am wearing sweatpants. Or maybe one of my children (or two or three) are missing their shoes. Or maybe I am “that” mom in WinCo who is yelling at her oldest child while the youngest is throwing a fit in the cart. Please just give me a little grace. And maybe try to forget whatever it is that you just saw.

This is what I deal with - plus 3 more!



12 thoughts on “Give Me Grace

  1. Nicole Huber

    Oh sweetie we all become that impatient yelling mom when we are fried! What we need for you is a network of friends that will come over and give you a timeout away from the house and the kids! I am one of them and I know there are many more! We love you and your very big loving heart, sweats and frizzy hair too! You are such a blessing to your family! God has some great dreams and ideas for you! He believes in you as a mom, wife, and school teacher! We believe in you too! Deep breath sweetie there are so many of us that are here for you!
    XOXO Miss you so much!!!! Many other Zumba peeps miss you too by the way!

    1. Ellen Pfeiffer

      Count me in too. I would love to be an auntie to your six. As long as my time with them is not when you are off teaching zumba. Let’s work on a schedule when you get back.

  2. Janet

    You can do it! You might find that some things that were a priority are not so much anymore, so that we can take some stress off and not be one of “those” moms. Ie maybe it won’t be daily baths anymore, or towels washed after every use, or perhaps more paper plates than before, and children doing more than before because they are home more. Can’t wait to meet your precious children!

    1. Nena

      Natalie, over the years I have learned to ‘pick my battles’! You know, the ones that involve loving God, criminal activities, social skills etc! ; ) Those battles we should daily fight to teach Godliness and love for others but the rest of the daily things that completely make us go crazy are a waste of our time….those things won’t matter at the end of this life. So, if the hair isn’t perfect, the kids clothes don’t match, they don’t have shoes on but they have a smile on their face than who cares! So many ‘details’ and so little time just enjoying the wonders of being a family. God is good! He is not in shock that you now have 6 children….He has a plan! You are in wonderful hands.

  3. summer

    praying the blessing of grace upon you. not simply that you would have grace with 6 kiddos… but that others that surround you would have grace towards you too. thank you for being honest about your fears and concerns. it’s freeing to simply express our hurt and fear.

  4. Heather cheney

    I SO needed this post! We are basically you guys, only a couple of months ahead of you. Adopted three, now have six, stayed in ET for the duration, and now are homeschooling. Sometimes it just feels like TOO much. I have no words of wisdom for you, but for me reading your post helps me know that I am not the only one. So, I guess just know that you are not the only one feeling overwhelmed and wondering why God has chosen us for this huge task.

  5. barbara harrison

    You def. are the right MOM here. Without a doubt. I don’t know of anyone that could go thru all of the red tape to get these kids. They are so deserving for all the love you can give them. I think you should write a book. I think I mentioned that before. God knows exactly what he is doing to complete your life.

  6. Michelle Slade

    Remember the old saying “it’s hard to soar like an eagle when your living with turkeys” well…turkey’s may be loud and messy but we sure love them at the dinner table during the Holiday’s…God bless you Natalie and Scott…God is filling your house with little turkey’s for you to love each and every year!

  7. Andrea Webb

    My friend Sarah shared this blog post on FB! Loved reading this post of yours. Love your honesty, humor and realness, its so much better to start out homeschooling with this mindset rather than thinking you got it all together and then feeling like a failure when life gets crazy. I have a homeschooling blog where I seek to encourage those new to homeschooling so feel free to check it out! Blessings to you and your family. Homeschooling is not an easy calling but it is a worthy calling!

  8. Ann Vallotton

    Nope, THAT mom doesn’t exist…we are all imperfect. Only by the grace of God and walking in humility (clearly, you’ve got that down!) will we succeed in parenting. You are equipped with the great helper, the Holy Spirit and with Him, you can do ALL things!

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