Oh. My. Word.

What a whirlwind! The last few days have been FULL and CRAZY! I keep telling myself that some days are just going to be like that now that we have 6 kids. I am so thankful for my calm, even-tempered, super-involved husband. Have I mentioned lately that I love him?

However, Scott was still in Harar on Thursday when I got a call to bring Naomi, Micah and Levi to the hospital for their physicals. They have to get a doctor’s clearance to be able to travel to the United States. No problem! I would run them right down for their 10:00 appointment! I loaded up all 5 kids and went to the hospital.

Oh. My. Word.

5 kids.

Urine samples.

The other kind of sample.

9 pokes and blood draws and vaccinations.

One scared little boy who cried loudly after every poke.

One scared little girl who has a MAJOR fear of doctors.

Almost 4 hours later….

No one had eaten lunch. There were some low blood sugar issues and some boredom issues and some crankiness. And the kids didn’t feel too great either!

We finally finished up at the hospital just in time to race across town for our appointment at the court house. We were meeting our in-country director so we could file Abigail’s paperwork. Thankfully, this didn’t take too long and Scott got into town just about then so we all took a quick lunch break.

And then we loaded up again and drove to the orphanage where Abigail will be staying until we pass court. I was so proud of my kids! After a very long and trying day, everyone tumbled out of the van full of excitement to see their sister. We got to spend about an hour visiting with her. I use the term “visiting” loosely because Abigail speaks virtually no English. The other kids have had almost 2 years in the orphanage with English lessons. Abigail has had 4 weeks.

Of course, I took pictures. Until we pass court, I cannot show you Abigail’s face….

All 6 of my children

Isn’t she beautiful? Aren’t they all just beautiful?

On Friday we had another long day filled with chest x-rays, ENT appointments, TB test readings, and another appointment at the court. We were hoping to talk to the judge and explain our situation and ask if we could skip the usual 2-3 week wait for a court date. The judge saw us right away. She was so sympathetic to our case that she stopped what she was doing and wrote the letter we needed as we waited in the court house. Then she told us that as soon as we got our approval letter from MOWCYA (which should be Monday), she would squeeze us into her appointment book the very next day! This means that everything should be finalized on Tuesday!

We are so thankful. I can hardly believe the amazing awesomeness of our God. Not only did He accomplish the “impossible” with the paperwork, but He gave us a sympathetic judge and a court date in only 3 days!!

Thank you to everyone who has been praying specifically for our oldest daughter. Please keep praying as she adjusts to her new family. A family who she can barely understand. A family who has a culture that she has barely been exposed to. A family who loves her and is so thankful to have her.




*Hallelujah for a Putnam Family of 8 (coming very soon)

*US Embassy clearance to be quick

*Abigail’s adjustment and heart

7 thoughts on “Oh. My. Word.

  1. Patty

    Natalie, I’m so excited for you that everything’s coming along. I’m thinking of you guys and very happy for you!

  2. Christy

    Amazing!!! I LOVE it! We all miss you and can’t wait to meet your whole family!!! All of your children are SO beautiful, and YOU are super-woman!!!

  3. Ann Vallotton

    Ecstatic over what God is doing in your lives!! Hang in there, girl. Continued prayers and blessings!!

  4. Nana & Bedstafar

    AND on Joel’s 11th birthday!! We serve the ONE true God Christ Jesus!! He loves us with an everlasting love!! Children are the heritage of the Lord. AMEN!!!!
    Love & prayers,

  5. Janet

    “Lord, give us the strength to endure our blessings.” You’re doing wonderful, Natalie.

  6. Liesje

    Been in the woods so no email, but lots of prayers your way. So glad everything is moving along. How blessed all your children are to have such a wonderful Mom and Dad. Have you taught them Zumba yet?

    Lots of love,

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