Bedtime Prayers

I am sitting here in bed writing this post surrounded by sleeping children. What a blessed day.

Today we enjoyed the everyday kind of activities that we have never before been able to enjoy as a family. Showers. Teeth brushing. Lotion and kisses. Fresh clean pajamas. Prayers. Bedtime.

You know, for the past year and a half, every night when I tucked in Joel and Hannah I said prayers for them and I said prayers for my children who were halfway around the world.

Tonight we are all under one roof. And for the first time Abigail, Micah and Levi got to hear those prayers.

The Lord bless you and keep you

And make His face to shine upon you

Be gracious unto you

And give you great peace.

This is the same prayer I have said for my children every night of their lives. And now it is the prayer that I will have the gift of praying over Abigail, Micah and Levi.

My oldest - pretending to sleep:)


My poor sick girl



Abigail - such a tender heart this one has!


Micah all tucked in for the night


My little ham - doesn't look very sleepy!

*Hallelujah we are a family!
*Pray for Hannah. She has been sick for 3 days now.
*Time to start praying for the embassy paperwork!
*Naomi – the only missing Putnam family member.


5 thoughts on “Bedtime Prayers

  1. barbara harrison

    Great pictures, thanks. Hope everyone heals quickly and everyone can enjoy each other. More prayers for Naomi, and make this picture complete.

  2. summer

    oh how full my heart is for you all. God has showered you with pure blessings. my mom heart is beyond blessed to read this post. beautiful answer to prayers. praying for naomi. praying for the embassy paperwork. praying for immediate healing for sweet hannah. blessings & prayers for your sweet family of 8!!! hugs.

  3. Cristin Vosburgh

    I have been reading some of your posts linked by Amanda Crawford….and sometimes I come here on my own. I am praying for your family of 8!! Sometimes I have been brought to tears from reading your blog….God is doing amazing things in your lives!! I am SO excited to hear more good news and times passes…
    Love the prayer over the children. 🙂

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