We had a very productive day yesterday. Scott finished a couple of projects for the guest house. He fixed the water problem with our sink.

And he hung a clothesline on the roof.

And I got a cooking lesson!

I asked our cook, Waday,  to show me how to make a couple of authentic Ethiopian dishes. I will need to know some of these recipes when I get home. Our first lesson was for Ater.

You start by rinsing and boiling these things…..

I couldn’t quite figure out what they are. Maybe a kind of legume? Maybe a kind of yellow split pea? I am going to purchase some here to bring home with me.

You boil them until they are soft. Add water as it boils down. It took about an hour to boil them. When they are soft you pour them into another container.

And then you mash them into a chunky kind of paste.

In another pan you start sautéing finely minced red onion and garlic in some oil.

After the onion and garlic cook into mush you add back in that chunky paste, about 2 teaspoons of salt, and about half of a large tomato paste can of water. I have no idea how many cups of water that is! I will have to google it later. It seemed to be about 2 cups. Boil it all until it thickens and cooks down. Taste many times along the way. To taste test the Ater, Waday would dip the spoon in and put a couple of drops on the palm of her hand. Then she would lick it off. How ingenious! You never have to get a clean spoon! Here we are taste-testing the final product.

Actually, I am tasting it, Waday is laughing at this crazy American who insists on making her pose and who takes pictures of food!

Serve the Ater with Injera.

And most importantly, DON”T USE UTENSILS! You must eat with your hands.

Waday said that next week, I must cook the entire meal by myself and she will watch and take pictures. I think she gets the better end of that deal!



7 thoughts on “My Cooking Lesson

  1. Sarah

    Your blog is the first I go to after Our Daily Bread site! It lifts my spirits and allows me to pray specifically for your needs. It also shows me how the Lord is blessing you and your family for following His direction in your life. You are so much of an encouragement!

    These pictures made me laugh! I’ve met you several times at the scrap days (remember way back when, off of Park Marina Dr.). I was thinking what a fun page layout these pictures would be!

    If you can get the name of the bean, maybe World Plus or Safeway could order them in for you here.

    Have a blessed day, or rather, evening!

  2. barbara harrison

    Loved the cooking lesson, and sharing the fun you are having. Food is interesting. Also the pics are so fun as they really complete your experiences. Any news from the judge??

  3. Aunt Bunny

    I would love you to take some pictures of the outside of the house and see some of the yard area. What is Injera?

  4. Amanda

    I am very impressed!! You make me proud…those look like yellow lentils BTW-I get similar ones in bulk at Winco only they are red-it’s what I used to fill the philo cups for the shower…love to see pictures of you both enjoying yourselves and being useful!
    Take care friends!

  5. Nana & Bedstafar

    We can’t wait until WE get to taste your Ethiopian cooking!! Love you dearly!! Mom

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