While I’m Waiting

Well, still no court date! At some times I am ok with this. I remember that we are exactly where God wants us to be today. I think about the sermon Pastor Bill preached about God holding governments and rulers’ hearts in His hands and turning them whichever way He desires. I run through all the possible reasons in my mind why we might be waiting….

….what if by waiting God is placing our case directly into the hands of a sympathetic judge? Someone who will approve our adoption right away with no more paperwork or delays!

….what if by waiting we will be able to come home with our oldest daughter because more of her paperwork can be getting completed right now?

….what if by waiting our in-country stay will be only the 3-4 months we are planning on, rather than the 4-6 months that we have seen some adoptive families have?

And then sometimes, I get tired of the “what ifs” and the waiting all together and I just feel like crying! It is a hard balance for me to find. The balance between trusting in the Lord, waiting upon His perfect will for our lives….and my yearning heart that feels overwhelmed with the desire to hold my children. To hug them. To take care of them and love on them and to just be their Mom!

Thank you to everyone who has prayed with us. Please don’t stop! We are pounding on the doors of heaven and asking our God over and over again to move things along in Ethiopia.

Meanwhile, we hosted our final fundraiser. Our Zumbathon was a huge success! Every single thing involved with our event was donated…the facility, the DJ, the decor, the stage, the instructors, the raffle/auction items…EVERYTHING! And we had so many people volunteer their time to pull it off. Here are a few pictures for those of you who couldn’t be there. So sad for you because we sure put the “FUN” back in “FUNdraiser”!

Raffle/Auction Items

Half of my family 🙂

Having Fun On The Dance Floor

The Cutest Dancers

My Dear Friends (just 2 of the MANY volunteers)

My Family, The Instructors, The DJ

I hope to be able to write a blog post VERY SOON telling you that we have our court date!! In the meantime, thank you for everything you are doing to support us. Please keep praying with us!





2 thoughts on “While I’m Waiting

  1. Ellen Pfeiffer

    I hope you know that I am with you every step. I have to believe no court date so far is for the best. Hang tight to you faith.

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