Things that make me laugh!

Things that have made me laugh…..

*When I was showing off the pictures of our new beautiful children and someone commented, “I can see the family resemblance. They look just like Scott….bald!”

*When we were playing a family game of charades after dinner one night. It had been a long day of filling out paperwork and placing phone calls! As I stand up to start my turn, my son yells out his first guess, “A tired woman!”

*When Scott asked me with a straight face and serious voice, “Do you think we should tell them they are adopted? Or wait until they are older?”

*When we came home from a date and found this picture……(the kids were learning Amharic)

*When I told God at the beginning of this journey, “Two children God, maybe three. But no more than that! I absolutely put my foot down. I could never take four more children!”

Hahaha! God…you sure have a sense of humor! Here we are now, praying and hoping to be able to bring home all four of these beautiful children. It is amazing how God will change your heart. He used other people, books I read, my husband, and ultimately the Holy Spirit to change my heart according to His will.

This is not to say that I don’t get scared sometime looking into the future. I wonder if I can handle this! When I think about the challenge of raising 6 kids I can freak myself out.

Things I get nervous about….

*The language barrier and communicating when 4 of my children don’t speak English yet.

*Dealing with the inevitable grief and bonding issues that our new children will have.

*HOMESCHOOLING (this is a big area of fear for me) all 6 of our kids.

*The amount of food I am going to have to be buying and cooking and how much time I will have to spend in the kitchen.

*If I will have enough patience and be able to speak kindly and calmly to my children in the midst of the chaos.

*How messy my house might become and if I will be able to handle that mess without stress.

But you know what? That is part of the reason I started this blog. To be able to remind myself when I think I can’t handle it all…this was God’s plan for me. I keep thinking of that saying, “He won’t bring you to it unless He can bring you through it.” And really, what do I have to complain about?

These last two years I have watched two of my very best friends deal with their husband’s cancer. I have seen them cry over the doctor’s words. I have seen them lovingly minister to their husband’s failing bodies. I have seen them sleep-deprived and bleary-eyed because they were up all night helping manage their husband’s pain. I have seen them say good-bye to the men they love and plan funerals. And I have seen them rely on the only One who can be our strength in times like that. They are examples to me of grace under pressure. Of peace in the midst of the storm. Oh that I would rely fully on God for everything I need, just as my dear friends do everyday!

I love and admire these ladies