$$$$$$ – Arrggghhhh!

On February 14, 2011 we sent in our first check to our adoption agency. This check was for $300. This would be the first $300 in a journey that would end up costing around $50,000. It breaks down roughly like this….

$15,000 due in the first 6 months to your adopting agency, home study agency, and for miscellaneous expenses

$15,000 due upon referral to your adoption agency, governments, and for visas and miscellaneous expenses

$20,000 for travel (2 trips required) to Ethiopia

In our family, I am the spender and my husband is the saver. I am the optimist and my husband is the pessimist. I am the spice and my husband is the sweet. Money doesn’t really concern me or worry me or stress me out, but my husband feels the pressure to provide and if our finances are un-happy, he is un-happy. So within the first few weeks of filling out paperwork and talking with our adoption agency, my husband wanted to sit down with a spreadsheet and the financials and figure out exactly how we were going to pay for this adventure!

Well, upon crunching the numbers, we quickly realized that we weren’t!

Going to be able to pay for this adventure, that is.

We just didn’t have that $50,000 sitting in the bank. And even if we cut back on spending, and didn’t buy new clothes or shoes (my husband’s suggestion), borrowed money from our business (my suggestion), and had garage sales and bake sales (our children’s suggestion), we still weren’t going to come up with that much money.

The night we realized this, my husband had his papers and his spreadsheets out, we were sitting in bed discussing this, and quite honestly….he was getting stressed. He got to our bottom line and threw up his hands and basically said, “We can’t do this!” Not that he didn’t trust in God, but he wanted a plan put down on paper for exactly how we were going to cover that first $15,000 that would be coming due very soon.

There was nothing we could do but pray about it. So we did. We put away the spreadsheets, climbed under our covers, turned out the lights, and prayed that God would clearly show us that we were supposed to go forward in faith, even not knowing how we would pay for this thing.

So…..backtracking a little bit…..in November, 2005, Scott was in a car accident. He was driving along when someone ran a stop sign and smashed into him right on the driver’s side door. Looking at the pictures, we realize he should have been hurt much worse than he was. He was in physical therapy for a while, but really, walked away from the accident miraculously safe!

After the accident, we turned all of our paperwork and medical bills over to our attorney. We had to wait for Scott to finish physical therapy, and then wait a while longer to make sure there were no more medical issues that appeared due to this accident. Every so often we would hear from our attorney with updates or questionnaires or deposition forms. He was working with the insurance company trying to reach a settlement. After more than 5 years though, we hardly ever thought about it anymore. The last time we had talked to our attorney about this case was more than 6 months before our adoption journey began.

Can you guess what happened? Do you know that we serve a BIG and AWESOME God?!?!

It was the morning after we put away our spreadsheets and gave up on trying to figure out the finances for our adoption.Did you hear that? THE VERY NEXT MORNING….THE MORNING AFTER WE PRAYED AND HANDED THIS PROBLEM OVER TO GOD!!! The phone rings. It is our attorney. Now remember, we hadn’t heard from him in over 6 months. We had no idea that the settlement talks with our insurance agency were progressing at all. (I want to say here, that we had a FANTASTIC attorney. He was working on our case the whole time. But we had told him we were in no big hurry and to take his time to try to settle for the best possible amount.) And our attorney says, “We have reached a settlement agreement. I need you guys to come down and sign the papers. You will be getting your check soon!”

Now this check didn’t cover the $50,000. But it did cover what we needed for the next steps of our journey. Really, what more can I say about this? Our God is amazing. Our God loves us. Our God gave us the confirmation that we needed that this was indeed His plan for our family and He would be the provider.



3 thoughts on “$$$$$$ – Arrggghhhh!

  1. Selima Garris

    That is so incredible! God is great blessing his children especially when they are stepping out in faith!

  2. Rahna Wagner

    I’m so glad you are telling thins story. I love hearing it all again. I tell people all the time when I’m talking about your adoption that they should really hear you tell the story about how everything has come about and now I get just tell them about this blog 🙂

  3. Bedstafar

    Jehovah Jirah, our provider!! We serve the ONE true God!!!

    We are encouraged in our faith to hear your journey of faith.

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